Trimble SPS620

SPS620 Robotic Total Stations

Trimble SPS720 and SPS620 Robotic Total Stations

With a robotic range of 500 meters, Trimble SPS620 and SPS720 Robotic Total Stations are well suited to smaller site operations and work on structures such as bridges or culverts, where a mix of single shot prism and reflectorless operations are required.

These models provide superior tracking for all construction measurement tasks, including:
  • Initial site measurements to verify design levels
  • Layout of structures, foundations, caissons and piles
  • As-built records and grade checks on laid material
The Trimble SPS620 and SPS720 Robotic Total Stations offer a high performance, but cost-effective solution for job sites that do not need a total station for machine control. Contractors needing a high quality total station for machine control should select the Trimble SPS930, SPS730, or SPS630 Universal Total Station.


Features & Benefits of the Trimble SPS720 and SPS620 Robotic Total Stations

Why the technology? Why it is important to you?
Operate with TSC3 or Trimble Tablet over radio The powerful SCS900 software allows you to carry out any site measurement or stakeout task at distances up to 500m working robotically. Putting you in control at the rod reduces mistakes and increases working speed. You can keep ahead of machines and rapidly check completed work.
DR Standard EDM The DR Std EDM has a small measurement beam and high accuracy allowing it to precisely measure inaccessible areas on structures at short range. The reflectorless capability also allows for measurement of small stockpiles, rock faces or deep cuttings. The visible red spot pin points the location being measured – especially useful on interior or shaded areas or for working at night.
Active Targets The SPS720 and SPS620 robotic total station instruments support Trimble Active Target Tracking Technology. You can use dedicated active targets to improve the quality of lock, speed of tracking and accuracy of dynamic tracking, or use normal prisms at backsights or for automated measurements to a number of targets while establishing control networks or checking surfaces for movement.
MultiTrack® Locks on and tracks passive prisms for monitoring or control measurements, and active prism targets for dynamic measurements required for grade control applications. Trimble active tracking technology prevents costly delays and subsequent rework; faster machine speed means increased productivity and faster results to grade.
MagDrive® Turns the instrument up to 86° per second. Patented high speed Trimble MagDrive technology allows for faster grading closer to the instrument. For measurement tasks, it offers fast pointing, aiming and tracking, plus slow motion controls for manual aiming.
2.4Ghz Radio Removes downtime due to radio communication interference on the construction site.


Trimble SPS720 and SPS620 robotic total station offers very high accuracy and reliability for construction site positioning, stakeout and measurement.

They are very well suited for use on:
  • Smaller construction sites or combined with GNSS on larger sites
  • Tasks where the accuracy requirements are very tight: 5 millimeters (0.02 feet)
  • Measuring dangerous or inaccessible locations
  • Automated target measurement provides a method of checking and warning about movement of ground or buildings that could be affected by construction activities.


Accurate and Reliable Technology for the Job Site

The SPS620 and SPS720 robotic total station uses the Trimble DR Standard short-range reflectorless EDM technology for single-shot measurements and operate with TSC3 controller or Trimble Tablet running the SCS900 Site Controller Software.

The SPS620 robotic total station provides 5 arc second accuracy for the vertical and horizontal angle measurements.

The SPS720 robotic total station provides 3 arc second accuracy in the horizontal angle and 2 arc second accuracy in the vertical, and is ideal for more accurate site positioning work.