Topcon GPT-7000I Imaging Total Station

imaging total station

Capture reality – don’t just measure it! With its integrated digital camera technology, the Topcon GPT-7000i imaging total station makes your field data come alive. Captured job site photos are incorporated into your measurement data, or use the onboard imaging technology to superimpose design points or stakeout points. By adding optional digital imaging software you can combine multiple job site photos and create 3D models and point clouds! Never miss a required shot again!

Reality captured for results unimaginable.

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GPT-7000i Imaging Total Station Series Features:

  • Dual-view integrated CCD camera: wide and finder view 
  • Windows CE.NET 4.2 operating system 
  • Extra-large QVGA LCD TFT color display 
  • Pinpoint reflectorless measuring up to 250m 
  • Single prism measuring up to 3000m

Advanced Long Range Prismless Measurement Capability

The GPT-7000 imaging total station series gives you up to 250m reflectorless range, the longest in its class! Measure up to 3000m with a prism. The unique dual optical EDM design takes pulse laser reflectorless measurement to a higher level. Even at long distances, it maintains focused beam accuracy and allows you to measure only the target you select.

Windows CE Advantages of GPT 7000i Imaging Total Station

Windows CE technology on the GPT-7000 imaging total station provides a bright graphic display, touch screen display, more functionality, better support for standard accessories like Bluetooth® wireless technology, and more available software. It provides the ideal user interface for an integrated, on-board solution for the GPT-7000 total stations.

Our robust 32-bit multitasking environment allows application developers to get the best out of our modern microprocessor design.

GUI (Graphical User Interface) Boosts Your Productivity At Topcon efficiency and productivity are our priority. By adopting the latest Windows® CE technology, Topcon brings the advantages of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) to a Total Station. The large 3.5 inch TFT color LCD display is large and bright enough for you to view all your data at a glance. In bright sunlight, it adjusts automatically so you can see the display clearly. And the added advantage of a touch screen increases the convenience and ease of use of the GPT-7000 imaging total station series. Whether you are an experienced user or just a beginner, the graphical interface and intuitive design will allow you to get up and running in no time.

Topcon's GPT-7000i imaging total station is a World's First imaging total station. It contains an integrated camera that allows you to visually map measurements to job site photographs. With additional software you can create 3D point clouds and stereoscopic images. Click here to request a request sample data export.

For high performance surveying, get a Topcon imaging total station.

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SPECIFICATIONS of GPT 7000i Imaging Total Station

Length 150 Millimeters
Objective Lens Diameter 45mm(EDM:50mm)
Magnification 30x
Image Erect
Field of View 1°30’
Resolve Power 2.8 "
Min. Focus Distance 2 meters
Number of effective pixels 640 x 480 (VGA)
Digital zoom magnifications 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0
Minimum focusing distance 2
Angle of View 1° telescopic or 30° wide-angle
Measurement Range
1 Prism 9900 ft, 3000 meters
3 Prism N/A, 4000 meters
9 Prism N/A, 5000 meters
Non-Prism Mode 5 – 820 ft, 1.5 – 250 meters
Measuring Accuracy
Prism Mode to 25m ±(3mm+2ppmxD*) m.s.e. fine, 25m or more±(2mm+2ppmxD*) m.s.e. coarse
Non-Prism Mode ±(5mm) m.s.e. fine(3-25m), ±(2mm+2ppmxD*) m.s.e. fine(25m or more), N/A
Minimum reading 1mm(0.005ft.)/0.2mm(0.001ft.) fine, 10mm(0.02ft.)/1mm(0.005ft.) coarse, 10mm(0.02ft.) tracking
measurement time 3.0 sec/ 1.2 sec.(Initial 4.0 sec.) fine, 0.5 sec.(Initial 2.5 sec.) coarse, 0.3 sec.(Initial 2.5 sec.) tracking
Angle Measurement
Method Absolute
Detection 2 sides horizontal, 2 sides vertical
Minimum reading 0.5"/1" arc sec, 0.1/0.5 mgon
Accuracy 1", 2", 3", or 5" arc sec, 0.3, 0.6, 1.0, or 1.5 mgon
Diameter of Circle 71 Millimeters
Tilt Correction
Type Dual Axis
Compensating Range ±4’
Correction Unit 1" arc sec, 0.1 mgon
Computer Unit
Operating system Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2
Processor Xscale PXA255
RAM 128M byte
ROM 256M Byte(Flash ROM) + 64M Byte(SD Card) system memory, N/A, N/A, N/A
Display 320 x 240(QVGA) dots Graphic LCD TFT color display with back lights and touch panel function screen, N/A
Card system CompactFlash Card(Type I/II)
Interface RS-232C(6 pin) Serial I/F Port 1, N/A, N/A, USB(type B) for ActiveSync USB
Circular level sensitivity 10’ /2mm
Plate level sensitivity 30" /2mm
Optical Plummet 3x Magnification, 0.5m to infinity Focusing Range, Erect Image, 4° Field of View
Laser Plummet LD (Visible Laser) light source, 633nm wave length, 1mW Maximum output, Class 2 (IE Publication) / Class II (FDA/BHR 21 CFR 1040) class
Laser Pointer LD (Visible Laser) light source, 690nm wave length, 1mW Maximum output, Class 2 (IE Publication) / Class II (FDA/BHR 21 CFR 1040) class, provided point guide
Dimensions (HxWxL) 13.5 (H) x 9.6 (W) x 8.6 (L) inches, 343(H) x 245(W) x 199 219(L) Millimeters
Instrument Weight(with battery) 13.6 pounds, 6.5 kg
Case Weight 10.3 pounds, 4.7 kg
Dust/Water Protection IP54 rating
Operating Temperature -20° to +50° Celsius, -4° to +122° Fahrenheit
source Lithium-ion battery BT-61Q
Output Voltage DC7.4 Volts
Capacity 4400 mAh
approximate battery life 5 hours including distance measurement, 10 hours Angle measurement only
Battery Charger
ID BC-30
input voltage AC100-240 Volts
Frequency 50/60 Hertz
Recharging time 4 Hours
operating temperature 0° to +40° Celsius, 32° to 104° Fahrenheit