Topcon X-TRAC 7

X-TRAC 7 Topcon is excited to announce the release of X-TRAC 7 robotic system enhancement. 

The X-TRAC 7 robotic system upgrade is available for all GTS-900GPT-9000, and IS instrument systems.  This enhancement to firmware and software affects the robotic tracking, quick-lock, radios, and data collector performance.

X-TRAC 7 Features:

  • Fast, strong tracking of a prism even when exposed to other reflective objects.

  • Fast and accurate turning of the instrument when performing a Quick Lock cycle.

  • Automatic power regulation of the RC-3 Remote for High and Low.

  • Convenient status message from the RC-3 Handle if user is not aiming the Quick Lock signal correctly.

  • TopSurv 7.2 support for these instrument enhancements.

  • TopSurv 7.2 Live Video support for IS systems.


Fast, Strong Tracking of prism 

X-TRAC 7 improves the tracking strength and increases the allowable prism movement speed.  The X-TRAC 7 firmware uses an on/off cycle for the tracking beam and signal size measurement logic to determine what is a prism and what is a shiny object that should be ignored.

The risk of tracking other shiny objects, such as a sun spot in a car window or a reflective safety vest is now eliminated by the X-TRAC 7 firmware logic.  All shiny signal returns are evaluated for sustained signal strength and size of signal footprint.  If the potential signal maintains a constant footprint even when the tracking beam is cycled off, the instrument will ignore this non-prism object.  Only a prism will cycle on/off when the tracking beam is cycled on/off.

Fast and Accurate QLock

X-TRAC 7 firmware updates the RC-3 handle and the main instrument.  The special sensor window located on the front of the RC-3 handle is responsible for accurate fine turning of the instrument toward the prism while completing a Quick Lock cycle.  The two sensors in the sensor window determine the location of the Quick Lock remote. This X-TRAC 7 enhancement to the RC-3 handle precisely measures the center of the signal return area.  Quick Lock times are reduced and pointing of the instrument toward theprism is very reliable.

Automatic power regulation of RC-3 Remote

This X-TRAC 7 enhancement was made to firmware of the instrument, handle, remote, and TopSurv 7.2 software.  This system wide X-TRAC 7 enhancement now monitors and regulates the power emission of the RC-3 remote, automatically.  Previously, the power switch from High to Low or vise versa required the RC-3 remote to be powered off/on with a unique button combination.

This recent enhancement now utilizes the four sensor windows on the RC-3 handle to measure the signal strength of the RC-3 remote beam.  If the signal strength is measured to be “too high” or “too low”, then an automatic command is sent from the handle to the remote and a power change of Low or High is made.  

The benefit in the field is Quick Locking at closer distance (less than 30 meters).  When a switch is made from High to Low, a double beep is heard from the RC-3 remote.  When a switch is made from Low to High, a single beep is heard from the RC-3 remote.

Convenient Status message from RC-3 Handle

This X-TRAC 7 enhancement was made to the RC-3 handle firmware to provide a current status command to be sent from the RC-3 handle to TopSurv 7.2 regularly.  If the status of the RC-3 handle is not an anticipated status, then a message is displayed at TopSurv to inform the user to Quick Lock again or to more precisely aim the RC-3 remote toward the instrument. 

The benefit in the field is when the RC-3 remote is not aimed correctly by the user. Now, a message will display on the Field Controller to recommend aiming more directly toward the instrument.



X-TRAC 7 and TopSURV 7.2 


  • TopSURV 7 added and adapted to the new commands created in the new X-TRAC 7 instrument firmware.

  • X-TRAC 7 is a true system wide enhancement. 

  • Added RC-3 Remote High/Low power switching by manual selection.

  • Added automatic High/Low power switching based on RC-3 remote signal strength.

  • Added decision logic to prevent frequent switching of RC-3 remote between High and Low.

  • Added RC-3 Handle status command support, alerts user if RC-3 remote is not aimed closely enough toward the instrument. 

  • Added ability to confirm firmware versions on the instrument, so all TopSURV 7.2 Field Controllers will be backward compatible to older, non-X-TRAC 7 instruments.

  • Reduced QLock command sequence by 3 seconds.

TopSurv 7.2 Live Video support for IS systems

TopSurv version 7.2 now supports the Topcon IS “Live Video” broadcast.  This enhancement now supports the WiFi broadcast of images from the IS instrument to the TopSurv 7.2 field controller. 


  1. Touch Drive – measure by reflectorless EDM to an object by remote video display, and zoom camera pointing.

  2. Image Capture – storing of camera images for each Live Video measurement.  

  3. Touch Drive to check the precision of the backsight by live video aiming.

  4. Touch Drive Quick Lock – Use the image on the Field Controller to turn the instrument in the direction of the prism and press Search or Lock.

  5. Image Capture Scan – Capture an image and Scan with Image. 


All new systems from Topcon come with X-TRAC 7 standard.

Please contact your local TopCon Dealer if you already own a GTS-900A, GPT-9000A or IS and you want to update to X-TRAC 7.

Call Alabama Total Station today at  (888) 211-3229  or fill out a contact form request or contact a TopCon Dealer  for more information concerning your land surveying needs.