Laser Scanning Saves Survey Firm’s Job and Increases Productivity


Topcon Laser Scanner helps local surveying firm save job and increase productivity


In the POB Article, "Mining Data", Earl Dudley, Inc is given credit for introducing a new technology, laser scanning, to a firm who was at risk of losing a client to new regulations.


Over the years, PERC Engineering staff, located in Jasper, Alabama, attended regular surveying seminars where Earl Dudley presented new surveying technology to the industry. When the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) mandated changed procedures and requirements, PERC not only recognized that they were not able to do the job the old way and were at risk of being replaced, but they also recognized the opportunity to use this new surveying technology which allowed them to save the job for the firm.

“It was exactly what we needed,” Lynell Early, PERC Vice President says. “We couldn’t wait to get familiar with it and put it to work in the field.”

Not only did laser scanning allow PERC to keep their client, it also allowed them to do a better job for the client.

“On an application like this [volume verification], the accuracy is far better with the scanner than what we could do otherwise,” he says. “We are actually getting the shape of the pile; if it gradually curves, we get that. There is no doubt in my mind that we are getting a more representative reading of what’s there than if we were out there with a stick.”

Adding to the improved precision and the job security that this new technology offered, PERC was able to do the same work in less time with less field personnel.  With the slight increase in office time and personnel, this will ultimately allow the company to trim labor expenses.

The sky's the limit now for PERC. Now that they have experience and success with the laser scanning equipment, they're looking for other ways to use it.

“Now that we have a decent handle on working with point clouds, we will look at every scanning job we can get.”

So, the take away lesson is that, first of all, you need to keep up with what's going on in the industry. Technological improvements over the years have changed the face of surveying.  Not only have these technologies changed the way we do things, but they've opened up more opportunities for new work.  Being on the leading edge of technology pays off big dividends in the long run.

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