Adjustments & Maintenance That You Can & Should Perform:

Calibration – Calibration of the EDM should be done routinely, at least seasonally. There are calibration base lines located around the state. You can find these locations here.

Collumnation – You should check the vertical and horizontal collumnation of your total station regularly.

Cleaning – Cleaning with a damp cloth should be done after exposure to any dust or debris. After you've wiped the total station, allow it to air dry overnight.

Drying After Rain – While most total stations are designed to be water resistant, and some water proof, It is important for you to allow the instrument to air dry overnight after being exposed to rain or submersed. 

Adjustments & Maintance That Should Be Done In Our Shop:

Annual Maintenance – 

Manuals – If you'd like to order a replacement manual for your total station, please contact  your local Topcon dealer, or better yet send an email to [email protected]

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