Topcon GPT-3100W

GPT-3100W Construction Total Station

Topcon was the first to bring a completely wireless total station to the surveying industry and now, with the GPT-3100W series reflectorless construction total station, Topcon gives you the convenience of wireless technology on the total stations with the longest reflectorless range in their class. The GPT-3100W seriesconstruction total station provides the highest measuring precision available due to its dual-optical design, so you get incredible results every time, in all situations.

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GPT-3100W Construction Total Station Series Features:

  • Dual-Optical Design—Reflectorless measuring requires a finely focused beam for pinpoint accuracy. Prisms need a wider pattern to prevent off-center measuring degradation. Topcon’s dual-optical system gives you both for the maximum measuring accuracy all the time. 
  • Precise Pulse-Laser Reflectorless—Topcon’s pulse-laser “ time-of-flight” system eliminates measuring errors caused by the overlapping signals used in phase measuring systems. Accurately measuring corners or through objects such as a chainlink fence is always fast and reliable. 
  • Longest Reflectorless Range—Up to 350m, the longest reflectorless range in its class! Measures up to 3000m with a prism. The dualoptical design allows you the extended range using a class 1 laser— safe for all conditions—making it ideal for use in high-traffic and other heavily populated areas.

Topcon’s GPT-3100W construction total station uses a dual laser optics system, one narrow beam for non-prism functions, and a broader beam when using a prism. This stabilizes the beam over long distances providing accurate measurement, even in adverse atmospheric conditions such as heat shimmer.



GPT-3102W Package: 
• Detection – H: 2 sides, V: 2 sides
• Min. Reading – 1"/5" , 0.2/1 mgon 
• Accuracy – 2", 0.6 mgon 
• Display – 2 Sides

GPT-3103W Package:
• Detection – H: 2 sides, V: 1 sides
• Min. Reading – 1"/5" , 0.2/1 mgon 
• Accuracy – 3 ", 1 mgon 
• Display – 2 Sides

GPT-3105W Package:
• Detection – H: 2 sides, V: 1 sides
• Min. Reading – 1"/5" , 0.2/1 mgon 
• Accuracy – 5 ", 1.5 mgon 
• Display – 2 Sides

GPT-3107W Package:
• Detection – H: 1 sides, V: 1 sides
• Min. Reading – 5"/10" , 1/2 mgon 
• Accuracy – 2", 0.6 mgon 
• Display – 1 Side

SPECIFICATIONS of GPT-3100W Construction Total Station :


Length 150 Millimeters
Objective Lens Diameter 45mm(EDM:50mm)
Magnification 30X
Image Erect
Field of View 1°30’
Resolve Power 2.8 "
Min. Focus Distance 1.3 meters
Measurement Range
1 Prism 9900 ft, 3000 meters
Mini Prism 6.6 – 4,920 ft, 2 – 1,000 meters
Pin Pole Prism 6.6 – 8,200 ft, 2 – 2,500 meters
Non-Prism Mode 5 – 820 ft, 1.5 – 350 meters
Measuring Accuracy
Prism Mode ±(2mm+2ppmxD*)m.s.e. fine, ±(7mm+2ppmxD*)m.s.e. coarse
Non-Prism Mode ±(3mm+2ppm) m.s.e. fine, ±(10mm) m.s.e. coarse
Minimum reading 0.2mm(0.001ft.) / 1mm(0.005ft) fine, 1mm(0.005ft) / 10mm(0.02ft.) coarse, 10mm(0.02ft.) tracking
measurement time 1mm:1.1 sec.(Initial 2.5 sec.)/0.2mm:1.5 sec (Initial 3.0 sec.) fine, 0.8 sec.(Initial 2.5 sec.) coarse, 0.5 sec.(Initial 2.5 sec.) tracking
measurement time(non-prism) 1mm:1.7 sec.(Initial 3.0 sec.)/0.2mm:2.6 sec (Initial 3.5 sec.) fine, 1.0 sec.(Initial 2.0 sec.) coarse, 0.4 sec.(Initial 2.0 sec.) tracking
Angle Measurement
Method Absolute
Detection up to 2 sides horizontal, up to 2 sides vertical
Minimum reading 1"/5" arc sec, 0.2/1 mgon
Accuracy up to 2" arc sec, 0.6 mgon
Diameter of Circle 71 Millimeters
Tilt Correction
Type Single or Dual Axis
Compensating Range ± 3’
Correction Unit 1" arc sec, 0.1 mgon
Circular level sensitivity 10’ /2mm
Plate level sensitivity 30" /2mm, 40”/2mm (GPT-3107W)
Optical Plummet 3x Magnification, 0.5m to infinity Focusing Range, Erect Image, 5° Field of View
Laser Plummet LD (Visible Laser) light source, 633nm wave length, 1mW Maximum output, Class 2 (IE Publication) / Class II (FDA/BHR 21 CFR 1040) class
Laser Pointer LD (Visible Laser) light source, 690nm wave length, 1mW Maximum output, Class 2 (IE Publication) / Class II (FDA/BHR 21 CFR 1040) class, provided point guide
Dimensions (HxWxL) 13.2 x 7.2 x 6.9 inches, 336 x 184 x 174 Millimeters
Instrument Weight(with battery) 11.4 pounds, 5.2 kg
Case Weight 7.5 pounds, 3.4 kg
Dust/Water Protection IP66 rating
Operating Temperature -20° to +50° Celsius, -4° to +122° Fahrenheit
source NiMH Battery BT-52Q
Output Voltage DC7.2 Volts
Capacity 2700 mAh
approximate battery life (Select RS-232 Port) 5.0 hours including distance measurement, 45 hours Angle measurement only
Battery Charger
ID BC-27
input voltage AC100-240 Volts
Frequency 50/60 Hertz
Recharging time 1.8 Hours
operating temperature +10° to +40° Celsius, +50° to +104° Fahrenheit
Bluetooth Wireless Capability yes


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